We’re Engaged!

October 10 , 2011 by: Marga Munson News, Reviews, Travel

Hello dear readers! Again I apologize for letting my obligations keep me from writing, but here I am. And I have the best/happiest/most amazing news. The man who I subject to all my cooking experiments and bursts of kitchen rage caused by failed attempts of culinary genius…..has asked me to marry him!

We were having a delicious, spontaneous date night at Le Vallauris in Palm Springs and he sprung it on me during dessert. Completely romantic and sweet. I was shocked, but of course said yes!

I would like to tell you all I was a good little food blogger and took scads of pictures of the food, but, obviously I was preoccupied. So I have no pictures for you. However, I can tell you, on my Spicy Spatula scale (1-5), even on a bad day, that place gets like, 10 Spatulas. So that’s all you need to know! However, very expensive, so you frugal cookies out there, beware!

Stay tuned kids, more recipes to come, from this newly-engaged and ridiculously happy lady!


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