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July 09 , 2014 by: Marga Munson News, Reviews

In my never ending quest for culinary greatness, I have stumbled across some really cool finds on the internet. My latest obsession is Alton Brown. 

I guess the dog’s pretty cute too =)

You may know him from Good Eats, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef America or Cutthroat Kitchen. Or you may not know him at all. If that’s the case…HOW DARE YOU???!?!?!?!?!

A.B. is a pretty cool guy. He’s a smart chef. What I mean by that, is he knows the why and how of cooking. He’s not just throwing a bunch of shit in a pot and seeing what happens. There IS a method to his madness. And he likes to wear bow ties. Who does that? Alton Brown does that, and it makes him a badass MOFO in my humble opinion. He is also my go to guy when I am looking for recipes. If I am looking for a particular food, it’s his recipe that I’m going to look at first and probably end up using or adapting. For example, he helped me perfect the technique of double fried french fries…but that’s a story for another post.

Beyond his Food Network appearances, A.B. has been making smart videos on Youtube for our viewing pleasure. They are short, smart, funny little gems all aimed at teaching us one particular thing….how to do things in a smart way. He just wrapped up this “season”, so I thought it was appropriate to feature this as my first inspiration post. If you have a couple of minutes, watch everything he has posted so far. There is even one dedicated to his beloved bow tie. Check out Alton Brown’s Youtube channel and get inspired, just like I did! Mike and I will be trying out his skirt steak on lump charcoal soon!




  • You should check out Chef Steps (almost not possible for home cooks to replicate, but cool) and Food Wishes (entirely possible to replicate) on YouTube!

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