SOPA Azteca

January 18 , 2012 by: Marga Munson Soups

Today, several websites are “dark.” What this means, is that they are protesting the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation that will be voted on next week by Congress. And while I am not necessarily in support of pirated/copyright infringed goods, I think in the very least, this bill was poorly written. And the threat of less internet-related liberty is going to piss a lot of people off. Including myself. I spend a great portion of my day connected to the internet. 95% of my work communication is through the web, it’s a vital link for people. And don’t get me started on my personal internet use, hello I write a BLOG, and I’m an avid Redditor (when my schedule allows).

But let’s focus on something much more pleasant for the time being. As the previous post mentioned, January is National Soup Month. SOPA…Soup…..see what I did there?

I did a little research on traditional sopa recipes…and below is a link to my favorite from what I found. Keep in mind, I have not made or tasted this recipe. Just thought it looked yummy.

Sopa Azteca via Rick Bayless

I really like the idea of pureeing the tomatoes and chilis together. I can imagine this would give the soup a nice smoky spice.

For any of you wondering what the hell “epazote” is from this recipe, you’re in the same boat as I am. I had never heard of this. So again, I took to the internet for knowledge. Turns out, epazote is an herb native to Central America, South America and southern Mexican. It has a pungent flavor and is believed to help prevent flatulence. Sounds like a sexy herb to me….(Insert awkward laugh here).

Regardless….tomorrow when Wikipedia is back to full functioning status (even though you could still use it today if you pressed the ESC key as soon as you type in the link) dig up some research on SOPA and sopa…or whatever you want. Isn’t that the point of the internet?


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