Pulled BBQ Chicken

September 04 , 2014 by: Marga Munson Crock Pot, Healthy, Main Dish

I know it’s September now, but here in So Cal it’s still hotter than hell. So in my mind, that means we are still supposed to be eating BBQ fixins. Also, Mike and I have been really busy, which means whenever I can use my crock pot and get dinner working for me at 7:30am before I take my happy ass to work, it’s a good day. One more thing to check off the day’s “to-do” list.

Every couple of months, I get a big craving for BBQ chicken. Traditionally, you’d grill/smoke a chicken and then pull it. With a full-time job and precious little time to myself, I ain’t got the time for that. Which is where Pulled BBQ Chicken in the crock pot comes in. This is another fabulous dump and go recipe, and the results are always killer. And the homemade BBQ sauce makes it even better. Preservatives? Chemicals you can’t even pronounce? Not here honey! This is the real deal. Check it out and see for yourself!




Pulled BBQ Chicken

Serves 6

2 chicken breasts & 2 chicken thighs
1 cup Melange a Trois from TJ’s (frozen bell pepper strips)
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cups homemade BBQ sauce, plus extra for sandwiches
hamburger buns

Give your crock pot a quick spritz with the Pam, and then place the first four ingredients into the pot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, or until you get home from work! Carefully lift the chicken out of the pot and onto a clean cutting board. Use 2 forks to gently pull the chicken into shreds. Place the pulled chicken back into the pot with the sauce mixture. Toast your buns, then pile the chicken on top. Spoon some extra BBQ sauce on top if you so wish.



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