Mission Inn Restaurant

February 09 , 2012 by: Marga Munson Reviews

January 21 was a great day this year. Firstly, Mike graduated college with his Bachelor’s degree. Talk about an achievement…oh and he kept a 4.0 for his college career…no big deal. LOL.
Actually…Huge deal. Impressive and amazing  are 2 choice words for the occasion. I got myself a keeper here =)

That day was also our second anniversary of being a couple. Obviously we were preoccupied with the commencement festivities to celebrate that milestone on its own, so the next day we went out for a nice dinner. Actually…it was a great dinner. We had the prixe fixe menu at the Mission Inn Restaurant. Overall I was very pleased with both the service and quality of food. Towards the end of the meal, the chef came out and spoke to us, which was pretty cool. He seemed so in love with his job, it was nice to be served food by someone with so much passion for cooking.

I took several pictures of our meal with my cell phone, but they turned out a little fuzzy. I can tell you though, the food is superb. Really high quality. In fact, Mike and I have this place (the Mission) on a list of potential wedding sites to check out. So that should say a lot right there.

Sunday evenings the restaurant runs a prixe fixe special. $35 gets you a fab meal with a starter, entree and dessert. We both had iceberg wedge salads with bleu cheese, which had ENORMOUS chunks of bleu cheese in it, NOM. So good.

We both had filet mignon with a delicious mushroom-red wine demi glace on top and seasonal veggies. And they cooked the meat right! Hooray! Dessert was equally fantastic….creme brulee topped with a handful of raspberries. So simple and perfect.

In short kids, GO EAT THERE. Well, save a little cash, then GO EAT THERE. I give this place all the Spicy Spatulas I can, which I think is 5, but yea. Lots and lots of spatulas.

Here is the link for this place, please take a second to check it out! Dining at the Mission Inn


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