Judgement Zone (Take 2)

July 13 , 2011 by: Marga Munson Reviews

Hey kids, welcome to Wednesday. It’s actually still kind of cool outside, meaning not butt-ass-hot yet. That’s a GOOD morning!

Last night Mike and I met some friends (who we had a great time with, computer woe’s and all, hehe) near their store because their business neighbor is a restaurant that practices the almighty religion of Taco Tuesdays. With the promise of cheap good food and alcohol, we embarked to Omaha Jack’s in Rancho Cucamonga on this journey. Here are my thoughts:

  • Atmosphere: Having not actually sat inside the restaurant (and never having even been there before) I can’t accurately rate this. We free-styled this taco night. And that, was worth 4 Spatula’s just by itself, but I won’t count that in my overall opinion!
  • Service: 3 Spatulas. Considering we were just hanging out, the service was pretty good. And our server also happened to be the bartender and she was pretty busy but managed not to forget us, so kudos on that.
  • Food: 3 Spatulas. The tacos were plentiful and tasty, but small. That’s all I have to base this opinion on, it being Taco Tuesday and all. Mike and I had (I think) 12 tacos between the 2 of us, so that’s $12, he had 3 glasses out of a couple pitchers of beer (approx. $12) and I had 2 strawberry margaritas ($12). 
  • Overall Value: 3 1/2 Spatulas. This is not the cheapest way to pray to the Taco Tuesday Gods, obviously. We ended up spending just under $40. But for the quality of the food and the good times that were had, it’s worth it. Might even become a tradition. We’ll see.
Last night was a lot of fun. Mike and I both really enjoyed ourselves. That is, until on the way home from Rancho to San BerPOOP, the 210 was shut down at State St. and what should have taken us 15 minutes, ended up taking 45. Fun times. This was at 10:30pm by the way. When we finally got home, just sank into bed, and here we are. Mike at work, I’m home, blogging and trying to motivate myself to go get my gym on. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. But tonight I have a very exciting event to look forward to…DATE NIGHT! Details on the food tomorrow people. 
Oh, and I just have to say, for those of you reading these posts, thank you. Blogger shows me numbers of daily traffic and whatnot, and I’m really enjoying writing this stuff, I hope you are enjoying reading it. If there’s anything you want to see on here, hit up the comments. I’ll be happy to oblige. Thanks again!


  • I am definitely enjoying it =] and i love the taco tuesdays at el torrito btw; their tacos are SO good–fresh made tortillas, right in front of you, fresh meat, and queso seco. not to mention fresh chopped onions, cilantro, and salsa. yum.

  • I definitely like to read this.
    you are good.
    Now i have to read the first part, haha.
    Xx Liefs

  • The tacos were good! I think it’s good to mention that this place brews a lot of their own beer. Their house Hefeweizen was delicious!

  • Ev, thanks girl.
    Mell, thanks for reading. I appreciate it!
    Mike, good point, the beer was pretty damn good.

  • It looks like you had better luck than I, but I went there with family a couple years back. The place was empty with the exception of two other tables and it took them 1-2 hours to get food out to us, plus we had to wait a while for orders to be taken. The food also was only okay.

    If I were to rate the place using the highly coveted spicy spatula rating system, they would receive a score of around 1.5 spatulas.

  • Omaha Jacks was a phenomenal place to dine when it first opened a few (7?) years ago. I would eat there often, as I live just down the street.

    When they opened the Victoria Gardens not but a few miles away that seemed to change. With that new shopping center came many new places to eat (King’s, Cheesecake Factory, Flemmings. Heck… even Bass Pro Shops). Both the service and quality of food seemed to decline at ‘Jacks immediately after all of those places opened. As far as I know now, they make all of their money converting the place into a “bro-bar” after hours.

    When I have to choose nowadays, I usually eat at someplace closer to the Gardens, usually Harry’s. You could say that ‘Jacks is a victim of “location”, but they hardly put up a fight to keep customers when their business was at “steak”.

    See what I did there? LULZ.

  • D-rock: Sorry you have such a craptastic experience there. I’m by no means saying the place was spot-on-perfect, but the tacos were good.

    Tony: I can see what you mean about the bro-bar thing, but we weren’t there super late to see it. And yes, it is definitely true that the closer you get to the Gardens, the better the food is, with slight exceptions. And yea, you funny. As always.

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