It’s Friday!

March 30 , 2012 by: Marga Munson News

Happy Friday kiddos!

I don’t know about all of you out there, but this week kind of freaking dragged, didn’t it? I for one, am really happy it’s over. With all the running around I’ve had to do with school, I’m definitely ready for some down time.

But am I actually going to get any? Who knows.

This weekend, Mike and I are going to look for a new car for me. My Explorer has been a good man in the storm, but it’s days are seriously numbered. I can’t imagine it lasting much longer without a substantial financial injection. It’s actually pretty exciting, I’m just super nervous about making such a big financial commitment.

But I suppose that is the good thing about having steady work. We can do things like this now. What a different a couple of years makes. Two years ago, Mike and I were eating Top Ramen. Not that there is anything wrong with that, (in fact I think we have a couple emergency noodle cups in our pantry still!) but I’m glad to have stepped up the culinary ladder a bit.

In my morning news recap today, I stumbled upon a pretty cool article on the Food Network website. I actually took the time to read through the whole thing, and while most of the tips on this list are common practices for me, I really enjoyed some of the more abstract advice.

100 Great Cooking Tips

Definitely take a couple minutes and read through. I think number 76 is my favorite on the list. What’s yours? Post it in the comments!!

I will try and cook SOMETHING this week and take pictures. Unless I’m asleep. Or out buying a car. Regardless, have a good weekend people!!


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