Curry from the Gods

July 10 , 2011 by: Marga Munson News

Last night I decided I had been a very good girl and would not cook. Well, that and my friend Evelyn had given me a big container of homemade yellow curry. So yay! All I did was throw some rice in a pot, and heated up from garlic naan from Trader Joe’s (which is delicious all by itself) and there you go…dinner.

Let me tell ya, this curry was amazing. Flavorful, light, and spicy. YUM!
So thank you Evelyn! 

In other news, it is now Sunday morning. The house is quiet. And I am menu planning far into..if you can believe it…August. I’ll be gone for a week at the end of July, so have to get some meal fixins (read: EASY) in the fridge/freezer for Mike. You know, so he doesn’t starve to death. Or even worse, eat fast food for 7 straight days… EEEEEK! The things we do for those we love. 

Also, am going to start working on making this blog a little more colorful…different background, including pictures in posts, etc. Any helpful ideas are most welcome. I am new to this, but excited to learn. And if you are someone in my life, your tidbits may be rewarded with cookies! Hey-O!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend kids!


  • LOVE YOU 😀 glad you liked the curry!

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