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Do you people ever have those moments where you do something that you’ve done before but somehow it seems more special or something? That’s how I feel about making fresh croutons. I think maybe it’s the idea of taking something on its way out (old bread) and making it into something fantastic. From there, it’s […]

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and been legitimately surprised at what you have in there? It happens to me occasionally, and I think I’m going to chalk that up to my (and Mike’s) penchant for impulse buying at the grocery store. However, it is not all bad. Sometimes I look in our pantry […]

I know it’s September now, but here in So Cal it’s still hotter than hell. So in my mind, that means we are still supposed to be eating BBQ fixins. Also, Mike and I have been really busy, which means whenever I can use my crock pot and get dinner working for me at 7:30am […]

This week has been freaking CRAY. I’ve had so much to get done, and Mike has too. So when I walk through the door and dinner is literally already waiting for us, it’s a reason to smile. I love using my crock pot. It’s so easy, and you can combine basically anything and you know […]

In my entire life, I do not think I have come across a single person who doesn’t like tacos. Seriously. Think about it….Who wouldn’t like a protein and some fat wrapped up in a carb? That’s good eatin’ if you ask me. It doesn’t even really matter what the filling is. Beef? Yum. Chicken? Yum. […]

Growing up in my mom’s kitchen, we ate a lot of pasta. And I’m 100% ok with that. My Italian heritage has made it possible for me to eat pasta all day, every day and be perfectly content. However, there were times when my mom would make some more meaty dishes. One that I remember […]

Smoked Spareribs

July 07 , 2014 by Marga Munson - in Main Dish

I have the coolest family. For my graduation, my parents and brother and sis-in-law teamed up and bought me a smoker. Now, this is no ordinary smoker. This baby is an electric, pellet fed smoker. You get the traditional smokey taste, without having to mess with gas or charcoal. It is so easy to use, […]

It is that time of the year again folks… time for BBQs, watermelons, and unsafe firework handling! For this post, I thought I’d give you a quick list of sure to please favorites that can be made in an hour or less. I myself will be smoking a bunch of stuff on the Traeger, but […]

Oh lawwwwwd. Comfort food. Do I really need to say anything else? There is something so divine about macaroni and cheese. And I do not give a shit if it’s out a box with the neon cheese mix, or made from scratch. I do not discriminate against mac and cheese. Cheesy noodles? I’m there. Mike […]