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Back when Mike and I were just starting to date and get to know each other, one of our first dates was at a Japanese BBQ place. You   know the type, round grills in the center of each table and copious amounts of meat. It was love at first bite. Since then, I like to recreate […]

I know…I know. It’s been 3 months. I’m a bad little blogger. But before you curse me out and never come back, hear me out. Right after Christmas, it was like life kicked into overdrive. I have about double the responsibility at work now, and Mike and I are house hunting (omfg right???). So to […]

Leading up to Thanksgiving last month, the challenge for the week was ‘rustic’. This is what my cooking is all about!! Typically my food doesn’t look perfect, and is made with hearty, good ingredients. I love rustic food. Rustic food loves me. And Mike doesn’t mind me making it all the time. Win. So for […]

Years ago, I was introduced to Pumpkin Soup by a friend of mine. At the time I was actually kind of scared to try it. Writing that now sounds ridiculous. This soup is the savory incarnation of fall. It’s everything you want out of a soup. And it just so happened that week 41 of […]

Stew is one of those fantastic, magical meals. It’s typically one-pot, which cuts down on prep. And you can customize to your hearts content. For this weeks challenge, I made Gumbo. This is the recipe I learned from my Mom. I know what you’re thinking, “Marga where’s the roux???” Well, I don’t make my gumbo […]

You know that feeling of coming home from work and there’s a big hearty stew waiting for you? Yeah well, this dish is just as hearty, and comes together in a snap. It’s basically a veggie stew, and it’s delicious. When I was looking up Central Asian cuisine, this type of quick stew kept popping […]

As many of you know, I got a smoker this year. That basically means I’ve been making a lot smokey goodness for people. I figured since Thanksgiving is coming up, it would be AWESOME to try and smoke a turkey. First, smoked meat is delicious. Second, Thanksgiving is busy which means oven real estate is […]

Wow. Sorry for kind of falling off the planet for a bit there guys. It’s been a crazy time. Let me keep it short and simple; cancer is a real bitch, but gamma knife radiation is pretty amazing. Enough said, let’s talk about food! Have you ever gone out to a fancy ass steakhouse and […]

Mmm… Fried food. Amiright?!? I have breaded my fair share of food in my time in the kitchen. So for this challenge, I wanted to tackle a type of batter that I had not previously used. Mike and I came up with the idea to make tempura. And then, we bumped that volume up to […]