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I know it’s September now, but here in So Cal it’s still hotter than hell. So in my mind, that means we are still supposed to be eating BBQ fixins. Also, Mike and I have been really busy, which means whenever I can use my crock pot and get dinner working for me at 7:30am […]

This week has been freaking CRAY. I’ve had so much to get done, and Mike has too. So when I walk through the door and dinner is literally already waiting for us, it’s a reason to smile. I love using my crock pot. It’s so easy, and you can combine basically anything and you know […]

Happy Monday everyone!! Ok…perhaps Monday isn’t particularly happy…maybe we should rename it, “Mundane.” See what I did there?? Funny ha-ha? Ok maybe not. For the most part I have nothing to complain about this week…the weather is nice, I have a weekend trip planned, and my life is relatively drama-free at the moment. However…there is […]

Alright, so I’ve been craving some spicy, hearty food this week. So I contacted the curry goddess Evelyn and asked if she would share her recipe with me. She gave me loose guidelines, and I went for it. Mine turned out a bit different from hers. Not better or worse, just different. But still very […]

More Mexican-inspired food. Anyone seeing a theme here? I just can’t seem to help myself. Plus this is one of Mike’s favorites. As soon as I got home this was the first thing he really wanted me to make. Who am I to object?? What can I say, I’m a giver. LOL. Chicken Tortilla Soup […]