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Wow. Sorry for kind of falling off the planet for a bit there guys. It’s been a crazy time. Let me keep it short and simple; cancer is a real bitch, but gamma knife radiation is pretty amazing. Enough said, let’s talk about food! Have you ever gone out to a fancy ass steakhouse and […]

Mmm… Fried food. Amiright?!? I have breaded my fair share of food in my time in the kitchen. So for this challenge, I wanted to tackle a type of batter that I had not previously used. Mike and I came up with the idea to make tempura. And then, we bumped that volume up to […]

The land of Walmart, 24 hour donut shops, and gluttony in general. Can you tell I’m talking about our beautiful grease-covered country? There are so many things we do well in this country. For the sake of the ‘MURICA themed weeks on 52 Weeks of cooking I decided to make the most unhealthy, calorie-laden freedom […]

I have this vision that appears to me when I think of tenderizing something. It involved an unsuspecting chicken cutlet and an angry woman with a mallet. Perhaps 50 or so years ago tenderizing food was a means of stress relief? We’ll never know for sure! There are several ways to tenderize your food. The […]

When you hear the words “deviled eggs” what pops into your mind? My first thought was a 50’s housewife serving a platter of the little cholesterol bombs at a dinner party. However, the history is deviled eggs is actually much older than that. The eggs are dated back to ancient Rome! According to eating eggs […]

To confit… Or not to confit. That is the question… For this challenge, the idea was to slow cook something in either oil or sugar water. That is the general idea of confit. It’s most well known use is probably for duck confit. This is where the duck leg is salt cured, and then slow […]

There are some days at my job where I can’t wait to get home and pop open a cold beer. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in the sentiment.  However, beer isn’t only good for drinking. It’s also pretty cool to cook with. For the “beer” challenge of 52 weeks, I decided to make a […]

There are few foods that are as widely revered and celebrated as bacon. Seriously. Pork… Salty, fatty, smokey goodness. I’m a huge fan, as is Mike. That’s why when we knew the diner food challenge was coming up, I knew I wanted to rock out a BLT. However, I wanted to really emphasize the bacon-ness. […]

Years ago I was introduced to an appetizer that has become pretty much my favorite thing in the universe. There are 3 main ingredients; puff pastry, onions and feta. Do you see where I am going with this??? Ugh. The combination of caramelized onions, tangy feta cheese and flaky puff pastry. I just can’t even […]