Caprese Salad

June 23 , 2014 by: Marga Munson Main Dish, Salads

I have said it before, and I will say it again….I am in LOVE with fresh, simple flavors. Food doesn’t have to be complicated and include 40 ingredients to be scrumptious. One of my favorite recipes of all time demonstrates just how wonderful simply prepared food can be. It’s also an Italian classic, which brings me back to my Italiano heritage. I’m talking about Caprese salad. Mike and I are always so happy when I make this. It’s practically lick-the-bowl good.

This dish can be done any number of ways.However, this is my go-to preparation, that is fast, easy, crowd-pleasing, and 100% delicious. It is also perfect for summertime, as it is cool, fresh and bursting with flavor. It’s an excellent addition to any meal, or can serve as a meal itself with a couple slices of crusty french bread. MMMM!

My usual suspects, minus the crusty baguette. Oh and you know that leftover basil is going to turn into pesto baby!

One of my favorite sights. Come on, doesn’t that look so beautiful???!!!

Ahhh yeah….Just waiting to be demolished.

Caprese Salad

Makes 8 small servings or 4 big ones

1 container pearl tomatoes (or heirloom, or whatever tomatoes make you happy…go to TJ’s!)
1 container small mozzarella balls
½ cup fresh basil leaves
Balsamic Vinegar (the good stuff, don’t be cheap here!!)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Prep the tomatoes. If you are using the pearl tomatoes cut them in half. For larger tomatoes, cut them down to bite sized pieces. Cut the mozzarella balls in half as well. Chiffonade the basil. Put all three ingredients in a large serving bowl. Drizzle the balsamic vinegar over the salad. How much you use is a personal decision. I use it here, because the acidity really brings out all the other flavors. Typically I use around ⅓ of a cup. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Eat by itself or with the aforementioned crusty french bread. Weep with joy at the simplicity while stuffing your face.




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