52 Weeks of Cooking: Week 36 – Hot & Cold

November 17 , 2014 by: Marga Munson 52 Weeks of Cooking, Dessert

There are times in life when something you do seems so wrong, and so yet so right. This is typically how I feel about eating dessert. Do I really need that piece of cake, or that bite of creme brulee? Nope.

But I want it.

And so when the theme for the cooking challenge was Hot & Cold, I knew I had to have a little wrong in my life. This time, it came in the form of delicious creamy ice cream doused in espresso. I’m talking about affogato. This is an Italian based dessert, and it’s so damn good. It’s another one of those non-recipe recipes that you could probably make with your eyes blindfolded.

You know what, scratch that. How coffee/espresso is involved. Keep your eyes open! But it is a crazy simple process.

1) Brew really strong coffee or espresso if you have it

2) Scoop good vanilla (bean preferably) ice cream in a mug or bowl

3) Pour the hot espresso over the ice cream

4) Savor the melty, sweet, amazing flavor of the affogato.


Yes, it’s that simple.

Yes, you want this, right now. And it’s a great dessert for company. Enough said!



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