52 Weeks of Cooking: Week 17 – Soy

September 29 , 2014 by: Marga Munson 52 Weeks of Cooking, Main Dish

For week 16 of the challenge, I made Shrimp Etoufee. It was delish, but not nearly as exciting as the Pad Thai I made during week 17. Per my usual recipe searches, I was delighted with Alton Brown’s version and went from there. Here is the link if you are so inclined: AB’s Pad Thai. The only adaptation I made was to omit the dried shrimp because I didn’t have any. But the fish sauce is a must people! It’s stinky, and delicious.



If you like the flavors of Thai food, this is a really great recipe to get you there. It’s got a great balance between the salty, sweet and bitter elements which is what makes a lot of Asian food so freaking great.

In the coming weeks, I have a lot of great things coming to the blog, so stay tuned! And I even have a couple of recipes coming to you that showcase…pumpkin. Now that it is actually fall, and I’m not actually melting anymore in the heat, it’s time to bake. Woop!



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