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Lemon Cookies

December 24 , 2014 by Marga Munson - in Dessert, Holidays

These might be my new favorite cookie. The lemon flavor is subtle but full. The sweetness is just enough. The balance of flavors is really quite good. Mike gave me 2 thumbs up on them, which I would usually take with a grain of salt, but he actually seemed really enthused about these. And he […]

Ok. I’ve got to be straight with you guys. This recipe is not mine. It’s Nestle Tollhouse’s. I was thinking about what makes a great chocolate chip cookie, and well, their recipe is perfect. It doesn’t need anything. And you know what, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. These are the classic recipe, all […]

In truth… When I went to make these cookies I intended to make toffee cookies. I thought I had a bag of toffee chips in the pantry. And then I went to make these, and there was no toffee to be found anywhere. So instead of taking a trip to the store just for toffee […]

Mike and I did most of our holiday shopping online this year. There is something so wonderful about missing the crowds and craziness in the stores. So with all the time we saved by shopping online, I went on baking sprees this year. These chocolate thumbprint cookies are one the fruits of my labor! You […]

Chocolate and peanut butter. Its like peas and carrots. Totally meant to be. These cookies bars are pretty much the best thing ever. I’m so happy every time I make them. Mike and I always take turns licking the spatula. Bon appetit! And yes I know this isn’t a traditional cookie… So sue me! Happy […]

Russian Tea Cakes

December 19 , 2014 by Marga Munson - in Dessert, Holidays

What could be better than a crumbly cookie covered in powdered sugar?? Yeah exactly. It’s pretty high on the list. These cookies are prefect for the holidays. They are sweet, filled with nuts and they make a big mess. Just like being with your family for Christmas dinner! Ha! See what I did there?? Anyways. […]


December 18 , 2014 by Marga Munson - in Dessert, Holidays

Four years ago Mike and I were preparing for our first holiday season as a couple. There was mistletoe, twinkle lights and nights spent talking about how excited we were for presents and family time. One of the things that Mike was the most excited about were his sister’s snickerdoodles. Being the cute girlfriend I […]

Butterscotch Drops

December 17 , 2014 by Marga Munson - in Dessert, Holidays

Years ago, I was at my best friend’s house. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas so we were getting our holiday bake on. Her family has this kickass book of recipes they’ve collected over the years. As I was looking through it, one stuck out to me. We made them that day, and […]

Black Tea Cookies

December 16 , 2014 by Marga Munson - in Dessert, Holidays

There’s something to be said for unexpected flavor combinations. That is the story with these cookies. Typically you think of tea as something you have with a cookie and not in one. It’s a pretty basic sugar type cookie that is gently infused with the flavor of black tea. I was inspired by the earthiness in the tea. […]