Archive: Sep 2014

For week 16 of the challenge, I made Shrimp Etoufee. It was delish, but not nearly as exciting as the Pad Thai I made during week 17. Per my usual recipe searches, I was delighted with Alton Brown’s version and went from there. Here is the link if you are so inclined: AB’s Pad Thai. […]

When I was younger and just trying to get on my feet, I worked as a waitress in a couple of restaurants. One of my favorite parts of that type of gig (besides the free food when you made friends with the cooks, heh) was watching the prep cooks handle their business. They sliced, diced, […]

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like potatoes? No seriously, I’m curious. Potatoes are one of the most versatile, delicious and cheap vegetables on the planet. At least in my opinion. There are about 50 billion ways to prepare it, and it tastes great with just about anything you pair it with. That’s a […]

Week 12 of the challenge was awesome for several reasons: 1) The theme was street food 2) I love street food 3) It gave me the opportunity to make falafel from scratch That’s right, falafel from scratch. You heard me right. Any of you that actually know me in real life know that I LOVE […]

Week 11 of the 52 Weeks of Cooking challenge was probably my favorite so far. The theme was molecular. The idea being to use modern gastronomy to create a dish. Obviously, as a home cook I also needed to keep it cheap and simple. So after hours (literally) of research on different molecular techniques, I […]

Do you people ever have those moments where you do something that you’ve done before but somehow it seems more special or something? That’s how I feel about making fresh croutons. I think maybe it’s the idea of taking something on its way out (old bread) and making it into something fantastic. From there, it’s […]

The subtitle of this post should be: “How to Cut Vegetables Like a Boss and Not Hack Your Fingers Off” Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But this vegetable dish is a really good exercise in knife skills. One slip and your fingernails are in the dish with the veg. However, for our anniversary Mike […]

My love of garlic is not something I stumbled upon. It wasn’t something that happened to me. I was born like this. I’m not as hardcore as Pop was when he was alive… The man would seriously eat RAW garlic. No, I’m not kidding. Raw. Straight out of the skins. I think it’s probably part […]

Labor Day Weekend is pretty special in the Munson household. First, it always marks a three day weekend, and who doesn’t love those? Second, and much more importantly, it marks our anniversary. Mike and I have been married a whole year already. I can hardly believe the time has gone by so quickly. It’s been […]