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SOPA Azteca

January 18 , 2012 by Marga Munson - in Soups

Today, several websites are “dark.” What this means, is that they are protesting the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation that will be voted on next week by Congress. And while I am not necessarily in support of pirated/copyright infringed goods, I think in the very least, this bill was poorly written. And the threat […]

National Soup Month

January 16 , 2012 by Marga Munson - in Soups

Back to work today after a wonderful weekend of doing, well, not much. I’m happy to report Mike and I  were in our PJ’s for the majority of the weekend, and pizza was involved. Also, we finally finished season one of The Walking Dead. Holy crap that’s a good show; can’t wait to dig into […]

The new year has dawned. Ok, 6 days ago, but still. I am back in school this week after a lovely 3 weeks off. It’s time for my crock pot to be my most used kitchen tool once again. Or is it?? This time around I only have to be on campus 2 nights a […]