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Amazing Turkey Chili

December 23 , 2011 by Marga Munson - in Main Dish

Unless you’re a vegetarian, chili is a dish everyone enjoys. Even then, you can make chili with no meat, but where’s the fun in that?? This type of one-pot meal is fabulous. Lots of flavor, lots of protein and fiber, and its even better with a big chunk of freshly made cornbread. Also, this meal […]

Egg Drop Soup

December 22 , 2011 by Marga Munson - in Main Dish, Soups

For anyone that’s ever been to a Chinese restaurant, and seen the egg drop (also called egg flower) soup, with its bits of egg seemingly suspending in a slightly gelatinous broth….and actually ENJOYED it…this is a recipe for you. I was literally amazing at how easy this soup is to prepare. Even more so, Mike […]

Refried Bean Soup

December 19 , 2011 by Marga Munson - in Main Dish, Soups

Every once in a while I stumble across a recipe that, well, sounds completely terrible. And then I make it and I’m completely shocked by how tasty it turns out. This was definitely the case with the following recipe, Refried Bean Soup. Even the name seems a little odd to me. However, the end product […]

This is a pretty fast and healthy dinner. The quick cooking keeps the veggies slightly crisp, which I think is key to a good stir fry. What was best about this is the sauce. Traditionally a Mu Shu dish has shredded cabbage and mung bean sprouts, and I didn’t have any of that. Instead I […]

Here we go kids! I originally wanted to make this soup on Halloween night, but that didn’t pan out. So we had it for dinner the following week. It turned out so good. Really simple and delicious. I adapted a recipe from and made it my own. I wanted to keep lots of earthy […]

Making Time

December 14 , 2011 by Marga Munson - in News, Soups

Hey guys. Ok…I’m a bad bad little blogger and I deserve to be banished to the depths of Blogger Hell… Seems a little dramatic, no? But really..I’ve missed this. Finished my finals last week, and here I am. Hoping to share my thoughts, recipes and love of food again. So dear readers….if you’ll take me […]